Now is the hour that we must say goodbye to our National Parks

Given that our national parks are going to be littered with amateur hunters, notwithstanding the lack of evidence to suport the notion that amateur recreational hunting reduces feral animal populations, perhaps a Mandatory Helmet Picnic Law in addition to a Mandatory Flak-Vest Picnic Law ought to be introduced in the following National Parks...

$$$ The Watagans

$$$ Barrington Tops

$$$ Myall Lakes

$$$ Koszciusko

$$$ Warrumbungles

...and many other iconic locations in New South Wales which from here on in will be effectively quasi commando shooting reserves.

"Barry O'Farrell, history will not judge kindly your manifold effort to destroy our national treasures - god only knows the next 3 years cannot pass by quickly enough!"

Nu Torah!

Click Here For Parashas Va'eira With Ramban!
  • Names of God
  • Moshe's Lips and Rectification of Peh
  • Merit of Torah
  • Ani Hashem!
  • Harsh Conditions
  • Speak to Pharaoh
  • The Hebrews and the Jews
  • Righteous and Merit
  • Bnei Yisrael

Click Here For Shir HaShirim Vilna Gaon Chapter 7: 9-10
  • Beis Hamikdash - Filling the World
  • Devar Sheni: Fruit and Wine
  • Noahides and Jews
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  • On the Derech
  • Both Types of Priests
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  • Torah and Judaism Lives

Family time

The boys and I flew to Arizona for the long weekend, for my youngest nephew's wedding. (Actually, he's not my youngest nephew; he's the youngest on my side of the family.)

It was, naturally, a wonderfully wonderful occasion. Brian and Rachel are so well-suited for each other, each is adored by the other's parents, and neither can believe that they found each other.  It was such a happy, happy time!

All of my sister's sons were there, as well as her young grandson. My boys were really happy to have time with their cousins, as well as with their aunt and uncle. I caught several sweet tete-a-tetes out of the corner of my eye. It just made me smile to see how glad the boys were to see everyone; I'm so grateful they have those relationships.  It was just great to be back with family, even for only a short time.

There wasn't time for "real" conversation, but there was a lot of time for laughter and celebration, and it was all good. It was, of course, bittersweet as well.

During all the preparations, I kept thinking about my mother -- "She'll like this dress." Oh, no. She won't. "She'll harass me for having gotten a pedicure, for having chosen such a bright red." Oh, no. She won't. She'll ask lots of irritating questions. No, she won't. I can't believe she won't be there.  I got fairly emotional the last day or two before travel -- I was supposed to see her when I went back to Arizona, I was supposed to go to say goodbye. I still can't believe I wasn't there when she died.  I guess the tangle of emotions surrounding her death will be with me for a long time.

Sigh. All shall be well. And I wish Brian and Rachel a long, long, long lifetime of love and happiness.  One more picture,

just to prove that I was there, too.


Bags are packed, the driving music playlist is done and all manor of electronic devices are charged.  There's a xxl snack bag capable of lasting several months should we take a wrong turn.
 Roadtrip here we come.
 Three hours away isn't exactly coast to coast but anything over an hour in a car with children warrants a title. Still I can't wait. I love that often it's the best conversation we've had in a while with kids now old enough to settle in and get into the zone. I love the daydreaming that get's done when the conversation subsides. Gazing out the window is my best idea place besides the shower! 
Who knows what plans will be hatched.
See you next week with tales of our adventure to tell x

"Beam the Beeb up, Scotty!"

"Good afternoon, this is the News at One...and Amnesty's not happy with Space Command"

Oh dear, they just can't take a trick this week!!!


Geulah: Simply Go[o]d Timing

In the book Sor M'rah V'assah Tov [Turn from Evil and do Good] which is a commentary to the Hakdama [introduction] of the Arizal's Eitz Chayim, we find a geulah-dik answer to one of modern Judaism's biggest questions:  what makes the Arizal's kabbalah so special?    The answer which is given in most Torah circles is that the Arizal had the merit to bring down an entirely new revelation of kabbalah, but such claims are practically unprecedented in Jewish history.

Which begs the question even more - from what merit was the Arizal acting from?

The answer to this question is found in the book Sor M'reh V'asser Tov which had basis not only in the understanding of the Arizal but is consistent with the Vilna Gaon in Sifra D'Tzniusa - ''not WHO was the Arizal but rather WHEN was the Arizal''.

The Arizal came at an auspicious time when we view Jewish history according to 6000 years of creation.  From this paradigm we can view with a clear lens who the Ramban was in terms of the Arizal and who were the Besht and the Gra also, in terms of the Arizal.  Not only these mekubalim but from the Zohar onwards revelation of kabbalah is synonymous with the sixth and final day of creation.

The basis for this belief is uniform amongst the mekubalim, again from the Zohar onwards, in their grasp of the meaning of the prophecies laid down by Daniel in Sefer Daniel.  When we look at the Arizal specifically we see that the Ramban closed the 5th day of creation and the revelation of kabbalah turned from the kabbalah of tohu, and the Arizal then spawned a new kabbalah of the 6th day of creation in his relevation of tikkun corresponding to Atzilus.

From then on we find the unfolding of the sixth day right on target with the year 1739 as predicted by Daniel which is the revelation of the four great rivers of kabbalah: The Ramchal, the Baal Shem Tov, the Vilna Gaon and the Rashash.  This is hinted to in Daniel when it says ''time times and a half'' which is learned to be 2 x 2000s, 1 x 1000 and a 500, which is 5500 in total on the Jewish clock, which is 6am on the paradigm clock which is the year 1739.  This paradigm was predicted in the Zohar when it speaks of the wellsprings being opened from Shamayim into the Aretz and we see that the physical realm fulfilled this prediction as well with the advent of the industrial revolution.

Again Daniel prophecised this when he said ''until the completion of the fragmentation of the hand of the Jewish people''.  And as we in orthodox Judaism are currently are still living out the revelation of 1739, as Torah Judaism is today a reflection of the four great rivers in some shape or form.

Ultimately these predictions all go back to the Zohar.

If we are asking the question on the Arizal, we should really be asking from where did the Zohar draw its revelation and why did the Arizal insist on basing his kabbalah from the Zohar.

Now that we've come full circle back to the Arizal and we look at where he was located in Jewish time, we find that the days of creation are none other than a living map of Atzilus, and until the Arizal we had been living the pre-creation worlds all the way into the world of tohu while the Arizal was destined to be the revelation of the transition into the world of tikkun, ie partzufim.

This unfolding of the world of Atzilus, while being paralleled by mekubalim from the time of the Zohar, has continued all the way through our current status in the sixth day of creation.  Today we should not be surprised as we find ourselves standing just after mincha gedola in the much antitipated years of 72 and 73.

The Vilna Gaon in Sifra d'Tzniusa made it known that the redemption kabalistically would be in the years of 72 and 73 as the kabalistic expression of the world of Atzilus going through yet another transition - this time from Tikkun to that of Geula.

Upon this completion the Vilna Gaon revealed the messianic level of revelation was what he calls the Malchus of Yesod which is none other than 5772-73.

The Arizal also hinted at this time when he made it known at the end of his kabalistic works that there would be a time when the levels of mah [45] and ban [52] would equal 97 and would unite into a new madreiga which he termed Sag [63].  Sag is the feminine aspect which could be a hint to the great Shabbos, being that the Arizal brought down the world of tikkun which is the rectification of the breaking of the vessels which are alluded to as the eight kings of Edom, that all ruled and died.  But the last king did not die and he is identified by his wife Mehitavel.  What makes her interesting in the Arizal's kabbalah is that she is the anticipated level of 97 as her gematria is 97. Thus in closing the Arizal transitioned the world from tohu to tikkun he detailed the kabalistic path that would ultimately lead to the redemption.

It is our hope and desire that we extend the mission of the Arizal who was an aspect of MBY along with the reiteration of such by the Gr''a and Besht and others, that as we enter the final stage of the last 2000 years corresponding to Moshiach [both in the phsyical and spiritual realms] that we should be able to begin to identify the kabalistic reality that we are submerged in and recognise with clarity and bitachon that we are in fact entering the messianic era that is in perfect alignment and has been validated by the mekubalim and the Zohar until the present date.

May we merit revelation after revelation that will remove the slumber from our eyes and the veil of creation so that we may be able to partake in the messianic era with kavana and emunah that this is exactly where we stand today.

Truth , propaganda; what's the news?

How did the Beeb get this so wrong?

...and no I won't accept glib over-used disclaimers that 'it could not be independently verified' - since when has been ok to substitute quality journalistic reporting with random unsubstantiated grabs from the internet?

Shame on you, BBC, you're nothing more than a bunch of cheer leaders for Team NATO

Erev Rav Policing International Waters?

Israel is looking more and more each day like it is fulfilling its destiny to rise to Pax Judaica.

As we know, The British Empire was one of the biggest Kingdoms of all time, and was made possible by its immense Naval presence. When World War II was over, the World gave birth to Pax Americana, which is where we are holding today. The American Empire is every bit as awesome as it was described by Daniel. And when we speak of America and her military - would anyone dare a military conflict in the oceans? - America owns International Waters it seems!
(except for the Straights of Hormuz of course! [and lets not forget our Somali Pirates - that apparently, either nobody has a solution for, or they simply dont care, or maybe a bit of both])

And then we arrive to Pax Judaica - dominion of Erev Rav ruling from Zion. As much as Israel identifying as an Asian Super Power is the key to eternity, Israel is now treading on unchartered waters - pun intended.

Israel has been strong militarily since gaining Independence in 1948. Financial success stormed into action in the 90's, which some say was when the Russians came (hello Mr. Putin!). And now here we are in the next Millennium, and Israel is now becoming resource-heavy; the coast is clear (pun once again intended) to now start being: Pax Judaica- circa Pax Britainica.

Israel is looking like a mirror image of Britain 2.0. Small land mass, strong military, involved in EVERYTHING, growing rich in resources - Boker Tov INF! One downfall of England was their policies on the Orient (spreading Opium in the crucial developmental years of the World is one example (1740+;  years predicted by Zohar; giving the Spiritual rise as well - Gra, Besht, Ramchal, Rashash, etc)

Israel would be much stronger in this area, as it would be identified as Asian to the Orient. And now with A REASON for unprecedented Naval Forces, Israel would be identical to England's Empire, only a 2.0 form, one built for our new era. Her Naval Force would have a different function than a WWI time period, but Israel is looking pretty to have free reign, to do, well what ever Israel does.

It is called Pax Judaica. It is run by Erev Rav. It is good for the Jews. It is not Torah-based. The oaths taken in the Talmud perhaps warned against Jewish Dominion that is not from Torah. If Israel expands her borders, not according to Emes, what would the fallout be from Shamayim?


When Israeli economists contemplate their country's untapped natural gas finds far out in the Mediterranean, they dream of energy independence and lucrative export deals. Those charged with Israel's defense, however, worry that the navy - small and long a middling priority in budgets - may be hard put to protect the multinational drilling platforms and rigs out at sea. "We will do our best, but without a major boost to our capabilities, our best will not be enough," a senior military planner said in one of a series of Reuters interviews with Israeli decision-makers on the subject. That all spoke on condition of anonymity indicates concern that such doubts over security might scare off investors and, perhaps, even encourage sea-borne attacks by Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese guerrilla movement hostile to Israel and to its exploration of gas fields also claimed by Beirut. There are internal political considerations, too. With Middle East instability spiraling, Israel's Finance Ministry is poring over an unwieldy plan for fiscal cuts combined with new spending on national security. The navy is lobbying for cash but is loath to challenge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly. Maps and other dry facts speak amply. The huge gas fields centered 130 km (80 miles) from the port of Haifa in northern Israel, along with Yam Thetis, the existing gas-production rig just off Ashkelon in the south, make for a body of water covering 23,000 square km (9,000 square miles) - more than Israel's territory on land. Guerrilla raids from the north appear the main threat, with Palestinian Hamas militants penned in Gaza to the south and rumbling discontent from the Lebanese government over Israel's drawing of a maritime border unlikely to take a military turn. Providing rapid response in an emergency would strain the Israeli fleet of three corvettes - which have a crew of about 70 and can carry helicopters - 10 other missile boats and fast patrol vessels, and three diesel submarines, not least given their existing roles of enforcing the Gaza Strip blockade and the occasional foray through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea. "You would need to have at least two missile boats in the vicinity of the rigs at all time," said a senior officer. Another declined to give a specific number, saying only the navy required "several" new vessels to meet future missions. TALL ORDER That would mean major expansion of the fleet - a tall order, not least as Israel bought another submarine for $335 million in March. Visiting Israeli joint defense headquarters in Tel Aviv reveals the navy's junior status, its cramped command centre overshadowed by the marbled tower of the well-funded air force. The navy also faces skepticism from an Israeli cabinet stiff with former army generals and a finance minister, Yuval Steinitz, who is a civilian expert on maritime security. In the spirit of what Israelis mordantly call their "ad-hocracy", an unwillingness to spend on things that seem less pressing, the government may not agree with naval commanders about the urgency of protecting gas fields which are years away from being fully exploited and operational. One of the handful of gas development projects under way, Tamar, has finished a well 70 km (45 miles) from Haifa. An underwater pipeline will run from there to a production rig that will be erected next to Yam Thetis, 25 km (15 miles) from Israel's southern coast, by July 2013. Another project, Leviathan, is 130 km (80 miles) off Haifa - a remoteness from shore that would itself appear to provide protection from guerrilla raids - and is not expected to produce gas before 2017. A number of firms hope to find undersea oil reserves, as well as the gas. Robin Mills, head of consulting at Manaar Energy in Dubai, predicted an eventual increase in such activity off Israel and Cyprus, with several new exploration wells supported by supply ships and pipe-laying vessels. "It won't be like the North Sea, but not a negligible presence either," Mills said. "I wouldn't say the security discussion is premature." Asked about prospects for protecting the gas fields, a senior Finance Ministry official said only: "This is one among the Israel Defence Forces' various missions. We are confident that the IDF will successfully rise to it." MISSILES, DIVERS, DRONES Like its foreign counterparts, Israel's navy prides itself on a spit-and-polish proficiency, especially in carrying out missions of strategic importance. The officers who spoke to Reuters chafed at the idea that, in a fix, they might be forced to call on NATO powers which sail the Mediterranean, such as the United States. The Israeli navy has fended off a variety of threats over the decades, including at long range. Last year it captured anti-ship missiles which Israel said were destined for Palestinian guerrillas in the Gaza Strip. From there, the weapons could potentially have been used to blow up Yam Thetis. Citing intelligence assessments, the navy fears Hezbollah guerrillas in boats could fire similar missiles against Israeli targets in the northern gas fields. Other scenarios include remote-controlled flying bombs crashing into rigs, or miniature submarines striking from below. A separate possibility is of gunmen approaching the platforms in civilian vessels or with divers' gear, then storming aboard to kill or capture the crews. "We designated these kinds of attack as having a 'reasonable likelihood' of occurring," one Israeli officer said. Anthony Skinner, Middle East analyst at London political risk consultancy Maplecroft, voiced doubt about the imminence of any such incident. He argued Hezbollah has a role as a reserve reprisal arm of its patron Iran, should the latter's controversial nuclear facilities be bombed by the Israelis. "Were Hezbollah to target gas platform and production rigs, such an attack would likely provoke a robust response from Israeli forces, which may in turn precipitate a broader conflict. One of Iran's key cards against Israel would be removed from the table," Skinner said. But merely menacing the energy assets could have value in the eyes of Hezbollah and its allies: "It is altogether conceivable that Hezbollah will seek to deter or frustrate Israeli extraction. Iran too does not want Israel to be able to exploit massive oil and gas wealth in the Mediterranean," Skinner said. MUTUAL DETERRENCE? Though outgunned by Israel, Hezbollah guerrillas fought its army to a standstill in a border war in 2006 and have since maintained a tense standoff while making clear they are honing their military capabilities for any new conflict. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, indicated in a speech last July that any attack on Israeli offshore gas facilities would be in retaliation for an attack on Lebanon. Israel's navy says that in addition to enhancing its own fleet it expects stepped-up air force patrols of the gas fields and espionage further abroad. "If there is a Hezbollah guy training in South America to attack a gas platform, we want to know about it," an Israeli officer said, speaking hypothetically. There is hope for stop-gap measures such as unmanned, machinegun-equipped naval patrol boats that can travel long distances and remotely challenge suspect vessels. Navy officers also hint at the development of electronic counter-measures that would allow gas rigs to block incoming guided missiles. "The IDF knows how to provide a response for all of Israel's military needs," said Ohad Marani, a former Finance Ministry director-general and now CEO of ILD Energy, which plans to begin drilling the first of two new offshore wells in June. Texas-based Noble Energy, the main foreign company developing the gas fields with Israel and its maritime neighbor Cyprus, declined to discuss security measures for the platforms. One of the Israeli officers said the rigs had private guards who coordinate closely with the navy. But they have not yet held sufficient joint emergency drills, the officer said, citing reluctance to disrupt work that costs around $1 million a day. "Noble was the only company crazy enough to work with us," the officer said. "We don't want to be inconsiderate." That leaves the hope that Hezbollah will shrink from the geographical, and geopolitical, hurdles of strikes at sea. "The targets are so distant, and if they miss, then they hit the water and get no effect whatsoever," an Israeli officer said, channeling Hezbollah thinking. "And if they do get the target, then they hurt Americans and Filipino crewmen rather than just Jews. So maybe they'll think it's not worth it."

An Israeli [Strong] Presence in the International Waters, to go along with powers of facilitation and economics, could be the key to Israeli dominance for some time, perhaps eternity.

This would create the partnership with China, that would efectively be: Galus China -The eternal Galus. Fortunately, this is all dimyon, because Galus Yishmael is the last Exile, and we can be sure that Moshiach is then close. But at least we can see what something of a Galus China would look like. And you know what, it doesn't look that bad.
Thats the point, we would then not be motivated to be Jews and do our part of spreading Torah in the World - eternally. And Israel would be the Great Kibbutz, rather than the home of the Beis Hamikdash.

"Chayil HaYam"

Israel is finding reasons to survive and thrive.
Perhaps now is the Time of Torah; now more than ever

Is the problem "Erev Rav" or Bitul Torah? The Gemara in Berachos says: all Troubles ultimately stem from Bitul Torah. Maybe Israel is poised to lead the Spiritual Era, only the Torah is forgotten, as predicted by the Prophecies.
For this Moshiach would appear to have a two-fold Job. And for this, Moshe brought out the Erev Rav.

As Jeremiah said: There is Hope for your End!


I'm a bit of a fan of all things LA at the moment so I was just a bit excited when I spotted LA based  Wildfox now has a kids line.

Violet Hume is the daughter of model Kristy Hume and muso Donovan Leitch and is just gorgeous in these divine shots by Kimberly Gordon who is the creative force behind Wildfox.
I am increasingly obsessed by how amazing this woman is, I really don't think she could get any cooler!

 I love love love the whole vibe - check out more of her work here

 Wildfox kids

thanks to the lovely leifshop blog for inspiration x

MESSAGE TO MOTORISTS: don't play 'silly buggers' with cyclists - it'll all end in tears

People donning maroon were everywhere last week whether it was...

- jerseys creating havoc on melbourne footie fields


- number plates creating havoc on Sydney streets

...and it's the latter scenario that causes me the most concern.

A maroon number plate positioned itself ½ cm from my back mudguard in Oxford Street last Saturday night with horn blaring and engine revving. Untapped motoring-maroon rage was palpable and clearly not assisted by my bicycling-blue comment, 'you've got to be joking - back off, mate!'

The 'a metre matters' campaign was far from this visiting marauding number-plate-carrying maroon's consciousness, and left my somewhat bicycling-blue hubbie gasping in sheer disbelief as he witnessed the unfolding nastiness & closeness - (funny how when you're in the middle of a 'blue', you feel far far away)...


Final Score: 100 - 0 to baffled-bicycling-blue team valiantly maintaining position on 'Electra Amsterdam' whilst sharing road with marauding-motoring-maroon team exhibiting redcard dickhead behaviour

MESSAGE TO CRANKY MOTORISTS: 'get a life' rather than try and take one

My Heroes (35) James Lovelock

The British scientist James Lovelock is still going strong with a mind as bright as a button at the age of 92. His is a wonderful life story, of which I will relate some interesting aspects. 

He was born in Letchworth Garden City in the English county of Hertfordshire in 1919 into a working class family. His father had been illiterate until an adult and had been jailed for poaching as a young man. Realising the disadvantage he was at, he took the bold step of having elocution lessons in order to advance his career.

He has been a life-long inventor and it was while working on the freezing and thawing of cell-tissues that his distress at seeing frozen rabbits thawed by a hot spoon (which burnt their fur) that he set out to thaw them with radio waves from the inside and thus invented the microwave cooker, although he was not attempting to cook the animals!

His most famous invention is probably the electron capture detector, which measures atoms and molecules in gases. This led to the first detections of CFCs in the atmosphere.

It was the news of this invention that prompted NASA to take him to the United States in 1961 when that organisation was very young. He helped design detectors that would determine the existence or not of life on the Moon and on Mars.

However, he is best known as the proponent of the Gaia Theory which claims that the Earth is a self-regulating environment wherein all of the organic and non-organic material combine to work in harmony and sustain life on our planet. This topic, which continues to divide scientific opinion, is highly controversial and Lovelock has published many books on the subject.

I don't know if it's true or not but I would like it to be! It's rare enough to find any kind of spirituality in science.

Finding Your Mission: Names and Gematria

Parasha Bamidbar: The Anatomy of [a] “Shem” / [Name]

Rabbi David Katz

In this week’s Torah Portion of “Bamidbar” we receive one of the original sources to the well known principle, “שמא גרים” – “The Name Causes.” The root concept is that everybody has a name and at the same time every name has a meaning; the meaning carries with it the weight of the specific details of the anatomy of the soul along with the exact details of the Soul’s Spiritual Mission that it was sent to do. Just as everybody has a name, (even if you are called “Hey You!” – this would function as your name!) It would fall upon everyone a Divine Mission and purpose of being created. This concept is at the root of the Noahides roots going back to Shem and Noah, for Shem’s Name means: Name! (Ever, as in Shem and Ever would then mean “Hebrew Name”) The source of this concept in the Parsha, which is quoted by the Vilna Gaon in Kol Hator (The Gaon’s work on “Redemption” that outlines the nature of one’s Divine Mission based on one’s Name) is the verse in the Parsha: [Bamidbar 1:2] “Take a census of the entire Assembly of the Children of Israel according to their families, according to their fathers’ household, by “number” of the names…” It will be this “Number” that will serve as the basis of matters that equate into our concept (From Gemara and Zohar) “A Name Causes.”

One key concept to remember is that although the Simple Meaning of the text when stating, “Children of Israel” as the Jewish People that stood at Mt. Sinai, is that at the same time we can allegorically include the Noahides into this address to the people, for “Children of Israel” can figuratively refer to the Noahides and their required spiritual presence at Sinai. When we translate Children of Israel into a form of meaning, one could arrive to a meaning of, ”those of a Higher Spiritual Name”; this is akin to the nature of Jacob (who was pre-Sinai, and thus had a quasi Jewish/Noahide status [Ramban]) who was referred to Israel when in context of a higher Spiritual Calling. The Noahide effectively has the same scenario, that he can express his soul’s belief’s with the clarity of “Israel” – to “Jacob”, the same way that Jacob was involved with his spirituality and ultimately ascended higher with the Name Israel. Such would be any transcending name by a Noahide; for the Noahide has a direct portion of Sinai, particularly in a Spiritual domain, as his root in being commanded in the Seven Laws is conceived only through Sinai. Per force, the Noahide is rooted at Sinai (When he accepts the Seven Laws as was given at Sinai) and even more specifically in his Higher Spiritual Name. Along with this Name comes his “Number” as was spoken of in the Verse in Bamidbar. This number would hint at the “Hidden Wisdom” of one’s Name. Interestingly enough, Noah’s Name (which is comprised of a נ and ח refer to ח''כמת נ''יסתר: The Hidden Wisdom. It should come to no surprise that Noah fittingly named his Firstborn: “Shem” / Name!

One rule of thumb when learning about Names is that there are many ways to arrive to one’s “Spiritual Name.” We can look to Jacob, Ruth, Jethro, Noah, Shem, and Aravnah for examples of how names work, work as a Higher Spiritual Name, and into the concept of a “name causes.”

When we first look at Jacob, he gives us a clear example (that applies to Noahides and Jews alike) of how one has a Higher Spiritual Name. Most should be familiar with Jacob and his birth alongside Esau, upon which Jacob would earn the right of “Israel.” Yet we can contrast this type of Ascension with one such as Ruth. Ruth was named by non-Jews and even non-Noahides. Yet we still find that Ruth’s name was Divinely Inspired to that the point that her name even prophesied King David who would not only come from her but from this name as well! Here we have a great example of “A Name Causes” and this name required absolutely no change. An inspiration can come anywhere and anytime, and not necessarily needs to undergo change. Noah as well comes under this distinction, as he remained all the way through “Noah”; Noah according to the Commentators was at his greatest due to his Natural Name! Again, there was no change necessary. In a contrasting view, Jethro was originally named Jether, and upon returning to God he undertook the opportunity to add a letter to his name making him, “Jethro.” A simple observation is that in Jethro’s Torah Portion the Torah was given, which is a direct hint at the “Number” of his name, for Jethro/יתרו is 616 which is the same as “The Torah” התורה. And of course Shem is the expression of the raw power of a Name as he was simply called “Shem” / “Name.”

In the Torah Portion of Bamidbar we learn somewhat of the secrets in how names work. Many are familiar with the David’s of the World and the Noah’s of the World, along with most of our hero’s from the Tanach. Yet there are other Men and Women of valor that we are not aware of, who have names that we can see their power of soul through the expression of their name. Aravnah the Noahide is one example of a tremendous name that went on to great heights and expresses one of the highest missions there are for either Jews or Noahides, as he was the “Minister of Zion.” His Name “Aravnah” means, “Yearning for Light.” When we look at the meaning of Names, and even apply the Hidden Wisdom with applications of Hebrew and Number, the sublime Higher Spiritual stature emanates through to the point that the soul can fathomed and in detail of its mission, for the Name Causes and all names are inspired from Hashem directly to the Namer. Yet our Torah Portion this week is unique, with a vast array of Names.

This week we deviate from the David’s and the Moses’ and the Jethro’s…and we find Names that easily express their Wisdom. (It should be noted that often in the Torah people may be born with their inspired name, like Ruth, or may achieve the opportunity to relate to their Higher Spiritual Name at a later date, such as Esther who was also called, “Hadassah”, etc…) A few of the Names we encounter are: EliShamah which means: My God Hears, AmiShadai which means: My Nation under “Shakai” (a Name of God), Shlumiel which means: the completeness of God, etc. These names are textbook clear, how a name can be ripe in its Wisdom to express meaning, cater to its Gematria, and reveal the inner dimensions of one’s soul and mission. These Names in Bamidbar, which happen to be found in the Parsha that is the source of Names having meaning, i.e. A Name Causes, encapsulate the perfect scenarios when learning about names, which is based on the premise that every name has these qualities. The only reason one would choose an “Israel” type of name, would be to elevate the apparent Purity of the Name, as was done with Jacob who became Israel. One point to always remember is that this is not always the case, as we see from Ruth and Noah, two people who lived righteous lives and changed the World, from the names that they were blessed with from birth. The distinguishing factor to always remember is that names are inspired by God, and this is a depiction of Merit; Merit is one Wisdom that Hashem Himself has exclusive rights over. Our job is to work with what we were given, and know the extent of which we are Blessed within our Free Will to maneuver about.

In closing, the Noahides are deeply rooted in Names, as was revealed through such luminaries as Ruth, Noah, Jacob, Jethro, etc. The task is to grasp onto the Higher Elements and to relate to “The Children of Israel.” If this is the allegorical, meaning those of Higher Spiritual Names, then one must cling to this Wisdom. It is clear at this point that everyone has a name, some born with more clarity in their name, and some with less. The key ingredient to latching onto one’s Higher Spirituality (particularly if his birth name is what he feels is his calling!) is to relate to the secrets of Noah-Shem-and-Ever: The Hidden Wisdom of One’s Hebrew Name! (This being the connotation of all three names) The Torah Portion of Bamidbar gives over to us these secrets, with plenty examples of richness in names, with Wisdom that is perceivable to the naked eye. But even beyond the sensory, is the plane of existence in the name that relates directly to the Soul. And this is why the Torah says: take a census…according to number, i.e. relate to the people the nature of the soul and its Gematria that befits its Mission. This Wisdom is none other than a reiterating pattern that stems from the root of Salvation, a trait that dates to Noah himself, for with his Hidden Wisdom and Power of his Name, Noah gave over these secrets as can be seen in his firstborn who was simply called, “Shem” – Name. Shem would go on to stand for everything he inherited from Noah, and along with his grandson Ever who also had greatness in his name, particularly when coupled with Shem, the two of them would teach and give over Torah, in a manner that for all of time, Torah and Names would be synonymous, much the way we can relate to the Parsha: Bamidbar.

Shabbat Shalom Shavuous Sameach!!!!

The news desk

My parents are now in the UK having spent two nights in Hong Kong. I got an email from Dad this morning - he'd sent it from the library in St Ives using a keyboard whose space bar didn't work properly so a lot of the words were merged together. Maybe it was a German keyboard. They'll be going to Wales soon for my grandmother's farewell, to coincide with what would have been her 90th birthday. Then they'll be spending two weeks in Turkey.

I forgot to mention that while my parents were here recently, an old oak writing desk (that used to reside in Gran's house) was delivered to my flat. I guess you'd call it a bureau. It originally belonged to my great-grandfather (my dad's dad's dad) - he was given it in 1929 as a leaving present from his work. Stuck to the inside is a list of names and addresses; there's even a three-digit phone number (287).

A sizeable earthquake hit northern Italy early this week, causing some loss of life and considerable loss of history.

I went to the depression group tonight at the noodle bar. It went reasonably well.

Torah: The Last Resort

We have just seen what could be the most monumental downfall in the History of the World: Gay Marriages legal as proposed by Obama. If America does endorse this, a most likely chain reaction across the Globe would ensue, erupting into an immoral crisis of Pre-Flood conditions. Every country would adopt the same measures, and the World would be found guilty.

But what guilt are we speaking of?

The Talmud [Chullin 92] says that the Nations of the World have adopted three Mitzvot, upon which the World's merit endures:

1) Prohibition of Marriage contracts amongst men.
2) Prohibition of selling human flesh in the market...uh WHAT?!

Some of the 230 defectors interviewed by the Korea Institute for National Unification, spoke of the executions of people who had eaten human flesh or sold human flesh. There were reports of outbreaks of cannibalism in the isolated state in late 1990 after a disastrous famine killed an estimated 2 million people, but according to new reports these are more recent. The most recent case occurred in 2011 in the city of Musan, a deserter from the country said, while a father and son were executed by firing squad in the city of Doksong in 2006 after being found guilty of consuming human flesh. In a third case, a man was executed in Hyesan in December 2009 for killing a child and eating it. The man allegedly resorted to cannibalism after supplies to the city declined following the disastrous efforts of the government to reform the currency triggered runaway inflation and worsened already serious food shortages. The study is published in South Korea this week, but seems to corroborate by the North Korean documents to the police that were smuggled out of the country by Caleb Mission missionary group and it detailed several cases of cannibalism. In one case, a hungry man used an ax to kill a co-worker, ate some meat and the rest is sold at a local market like a lamb. Pyongyang has been accused of using food supplies as a weapon to intimidate their own people, turning a blind eye to illegal markets when food is scarce, but then cracking down on private sales of new and limited deliveries when supplies are more abundant. He is also accused of failing to give food aid from international aid to the needy.

Yes, the 2nd breech has occurred. (Now what?!) Two down 1 to go.

3) Kavod Ha-Torah

The next assault on the World's existence will be to threaten the Honor of Torah.

Our job: Return to Torah; The mission now is quite clear.

What was Bilaam's Prophecy? - How Goodly are your Tents O' Jacob.
The Talmud explains this as: How great are the enterprises of Torah amongst the Jewish People!

May the Jews and Noahides of the World all return to the Holy Torah, and gain Eternal Merit!

Don't be too Righteous nor too Wicked...[Shlomo HaMelech]
...but keep the Torah with wholeness of Heart!

One Must Honor The Torah  = וצדיק באמונתו יחיה...

The Moshiach...I Mean The God Particle Is Due This Year!

I thought it was only the Geulah Bloggers who counted down the Time of the End and gave Messianic dates as a guarantee. Well, I was wrong, the mad scientists are guilty of it too. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the scientific / kabbalistic worlds are parallel and that the same date-giving loathing exists there too! (The Vilna Gaon does say Science and Kabalah will merge by the End of Days!)

So here it is, the date has been predicted of when we will find God...yadda yadda yadda. I might as well interject with a Geulah date Prophecy and keep up with the Jones'
...on second thought, maybe not.

A WEST Belfast-born engineer who is director of accelerators and technology at the Cern particle physics laboratory in Geneva has predicted that one of the key secrets of the universe will be discovered in a matter of months. Dr Stephen Myers told an engineers’ conference in Belfast yesterday that evidence for the existence or non-existence of the Higgs boson – the so-called God particle – could be discovered as early as August and by October at the latest. The Higgs boson was the remaining “big building block” to be discovered in terms of how to explain mass, said Dr Myers, during the course of his keynote lecture to the Engineers Ireland conference at the Europa Hotel in Belfast, and in an interview with The Irish Times. “It completes the standard model for mass,” he said. During the course of his lecture on the 27km Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern, Dr Myers told the engineers that ongoing experiments at the collider should provide the answer as to whether the Higgs boson does or does not exist. He believed evidence would be found for its existence and this in turn would provide further important insights into the Big Bang, the creation of the universe, that scientists say happened about 13.7 billion years ago. “If it does not exist there will be enough data to show that the Higgs is excluded and that there must be another mechanism for mass. I am confident that we will find the Higgs by August or September of this year,” he said. Dr Myers said a very high standard of proof was required. “You only declare a discovery when you can say there is only a one in a million chance that you are wrong,” he said. He believed that Cern would establish proof for the Higgs boson to a standard of a “one in two million chance of being wrong”.

Now they got me wondering if every sect of Wisdom is doing the same thing?!

Medicine: This year we find the cure of cancer - guarantee!
Business: This year the Holy Grail of finance will be discovered!
Science: This year we will find the God Particle!

The point is, everyone is doing it. Lay off the Geulah Bloggers.
Moshiach will come one day, in the meantime, we blog the journey. We're people too.
But seriously, predicting to find the God Particle? That's just preposterous...silly scientists, God is for Kabalists.
Now if we can just figure out when Moshiach IS going to come!

Moshiach Will Come

Premier's e-diary & me

(wouldn't it be nice if the 'diary notation' below eventuated into a meeting and a spot of bridge building? - sigh)

Receipt of your invitation/correspondence is acknowledged.

The Premier's Office will contact you once your request has
been considered.

Thank you.


Tel: 02 9228 5239
Fax: 02 9228 3935
This message is intended for the addressee named and may
contain confidential information. If you are not the
intended recipient, please delete it and notify the sender.
Views expressed in this message are those of the individual
sender, and are not necessarily those of the office of the

------------------------------- Diary Entry Details

Description: Meeting Request from Sue Abbott re:
mandatory bicycle helmet laws

------------------------- End of Diary Entry Details

...and of further interest today, the Inner West Courier reports on page 5 that...

'...the City of Sydney is keen to trial helmet-free cycling as part of the push for a bicycle share scheme.' Labour councillor Meredith Burgmann has a vision of women in print frocks riding upright, with the wind in their hair and baguettes in their baskets.'

Notwithstanding Mez's vision, one clearly sponsored by french artisan bakers & Liberty's, our Clove...

'...supports the idea but says a larger network of connected separated cycleways is needed before a trial can go ahead.'

Geez, I'll be in a gopher by then and pigs will probably be flying more frequently than Qantas planes!

C'mon, Bazza, it's in your powers to do

Go on, don't make us wait any longer - repeal bicycle helmet laws!


Not so much.

I've pulled my profile from one site and don't bother to check the other anymore.  After not getting anywhere with anyone online, I've pretty much decided that if "dating" is going to happen for me, it won't be over the internet. Why not? Because I am basically a walking oxymoron.

I am religiously quite conservative: I really do believe the Nicene Creed, and the liturgy of the Church is very important to me.  If you don't believe in God, or if you're "spiritual, but not religious," we're not going to have a whole lot of common ground.  However, I also accept the science of things like evolution and global warming.  If you reject carbon dating and think that dinosaurs were still around when humans first walked the earth ... we really don't have a whole lot to talk about. Furthermore, I am politically very liberal: I really do believe that the government should play a role in promoting the health and welfare of its citizens, that regulating industries that would otherwise pollute our air and water and soil is a good thing but that regulating what women do with their bodies is a bad thing, that trickle-down economics will never work, and that the wealthiest of the wealthy are not "job creators."  If you're in the Tea Party, think we should nuke Iran and be done with it, or voted for either of the Bushes, we really aren't going to get along very well.

For some reason, in this country, "religious conservative" and "political liberal" don't seem to mesh. I finally realized that I'm not willing to squelch either aspect of who I am, so I put that information in my profile.  Nobody has expressed interest in me; when I've initiated contact with someone, I've been told: "Your religion appeals to me, but your politics make me want to puke."  Or, "Love your politics, but hate your religion." 


Maybe there's someone else like me out there; if so, he isn't on the internet...

Holy Kaukau, I think we've got our wires crossed

Saturday morning. I'm going on a walk up Mt Kaukau with the depression group at 10am. However I stay in bed to listen to an interesting radio programme, then write something on an internet forum about a triple draw poker hand, so I'm running late. I didn't have the foresight to charge up my GPS. I set off at 9:45 and by ten I'm almost at our meeting place, but then I take a wrong turn and I'm suddenly lost. At 10:05 my phone rings. I don't answer it but it's obviously a "where are you?" call. I pull over, drag out my phone, don't recognise the number, return the call but get no reply. At 10:15 I get to where I'm supposed to be but nobody else is there. Presumably they've set off up Kaukau without me. I ring that number again; someone called Ray answers. I don't remember a Ray from the group, and come to think of it I don't remember giving anyone my number, but that doesn't mean a lot because my memory is shocking. "Where are you?" asks Ray. I tell him I'm in the car park. "Oh good. We've just set off. You can catch us up. Do you know which way to go?" "I think so. I'm just walking past the swimming pool." "Swimming pool?! W-w-where are you?" "I'm at the base of Mt Kaukau and there's a sign that says one hour to the top." "Er, you're in completely the wrong place," says Ray, "I think you've got your trips mixed up." Trips? Ahh. I remember now. Last month I'd signed up for a tramp but only as a reserve because all the places had been filled. I'd heard nothing since so I'd quietly forgotten about the tramp which (by sheer coincidence) must have started at the same time as the Kaukau walk, on the same day.

After all that confusion I walked up the mountain (or hill really), thinking I'd meet the group on the way up or maybe at the top. I lacked energy but made it to the summit for the second time in my life. It was a sunny Saturday morning, if a little blowy up there, but what do you expect? I still didn't see anyone I recognised, and when I got back down I had a quick coffee and went home.

When I got home I checked my email to find that our walk had been cancelled earlier that morning due to forecast bad weather that didn't eventuate. In a way I'm glad I didn't read that email and got some exercise. As for the tramping club, I'm still clueless as to how that reserve system works.

If anyone cares (I'm not sure if I do), this is my 300th post.

Erev Rav or "Rav" Leadership

Welcome to Israel of the next Millenium: The age of ["eternal"] Klippah.

As Kedusha struggles to secure a Holy and Pure State of [Torah] Israel, Klippah, i.e. Erev Rav seeks to essentially accomplish the same, only from the side of exploitation. This would be the ultimate State of Israel, only one not from the merit of Torah, but from the toil of "OUR" hands.

The Irony of "Galus China", is that it is headed by the other Asian giant, Erev Rav, as Israel is technically Asian.  Even though it is the Galus that will never happen, for it is eternal, the Orient is seen as the opportunity for endless exploitation to cater to the "State's" long-term agenda. This would be a win-win scenario, other than it is exploitation, rooted in evil, and is to the mi-ut of Torah and Beis HaMikdash.

The Orient however, sees working with Erev Rav as an opportunity to fulfill its own agenda, as Israel would essentially become "Pax Judaica" while achieving a mastery of the Orient beyond what even The British Empire was able to accomplish.

There are two ways to spread Torah through the World: through Klippah or Kedusha. Through Torah or which it is said, "if not now, when?"

The Orient is a goldmine, something Israel is not short of these days; as not only the Orient is lending itself to the Jews, but finding Shale Oil reserves, Natural Gas, High Tech, etc...Israel is busting out in every way - With the Orient, this IS Galus China, as it is a Klippah that one would never recover from, as it is neither good or bad, its "OK." As such Kedusha would never be motivated to escape its veil and complacency.

The path of the Erev Rav would potentially be straighter if the production of the other Klippah (Erev Katan) would begin or return to produce Torat Emet, and cease the taiva of mediocrity.

In the end, if there was a True enterprise of Torah ideals (as opposed to its great rival Zionsim), perhaps there would be something to invest in that is not exploitation.

About the End of Days: ..."The Truth and Men of Truth will be missing."

Fortunately the Truth is something to invest in, and can lead the State into being the Light to Nations that it is destined to be.  The only question remaining, is where is the Leadership? With proper Leadership, the Erev Rav and Katan can take peace of mind in being and fulfilling their destiny within Klal Yisrael, which is to secure the State of Israel and promote Torah; once again, the story is the same as it always has been (going back to Korach for this reason) - Where are our Leaders!? This explains why the Moshiach is the paradigm Leader, as it isn't so much Klippah, but rather the lack of Leadership. which the Gra says [in accordance that one might not be Erev Rav] as EASY as it is to be tangled in Klippah [as Kedusha falls victim] such a person is better off to not be created and this is the most bitter war, yet not to worry, for even the Forefathers fell victim to the likes of Yishmael and Esav.

Perhaps the shift in "Millennium" consciousness for Torah Judaism is to assess the concept "Leadership" in the contemporary World. Ironically, we are on the brink of such a paradigm shift, whether we like it or not, as Leadership IS the next step of Jewish History. The task is merely going through it and getting from Point A to Point B.

China and Israel on Monday pledged to boost ties between their armed forces as their chiefs of staff held talks in Beijing, according to a news release from the Chinese side. Chen Bingde, chief of General Staff of China's People's Liberation Army, hailed political, economic, cultural and people-to-people ties over the past 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel, the release said. "Military-to-military ties between the two nations have also grown along with the overall bilateral relationship," Chen told his Israeli counterpart, Benny Gantz. Chen said high-level visits as well as exchanges among technical groups of the two militaries have enriched their cooperation. The Chinese side attaches importance to the ties with the Israeli military, willing to make concerted efforts with the Israeli side to deepen pragmatic cooperation and contribute to the overall bilateral ties, said the Chinese general. Gantz, echoing Chen's remarks, said the Israeli armed forces look forward to more exchanges and closer cooperation with the Chinese side to make contribution to world peace and stability.

With Israel connected to the World through Covert Relationships in Russia, China, America, etc...Israel is positioning herself quite nicely for what will be "Pax Judaica."

Of course the Revealed element of this is as the Zohar and Sforim relate with lucid clarity: "The World will hate you." - For every reason imaginable.

Thus the more Isarael becomes "Asian" it is to the diminishment of its standing as a unique State in a unique place in the World, as the Holy Jewish People; an Enlighten(ed)/[ing] People that we are destined to be.

Again all that is really missing from this equation is Leadership.
The Story never changed and "There is nothing New under the Sun."

How about endorsing Leadership as an incorporation into the Velt.


Next time you're looking for a nice bottle of something to take to that bbq, party or just home for wine time get yourself to the Cake section of the bottleshop. 

I'm by no means a wine connoisseur but I have drunk enough of the stuff in my time to be able to confidently proclaim it yum!

 Initially attracted by it's pretty cover I took it out of the fridge and showed the muso hubby who verified it's talents by stating
 'I've heard of this and these guys are doing awesome things'.

We took it home poured a glass and did some homework and here's what we found.

Cake Wines are hand crafted in Adelaide's oldest winery Stonyfell which also happens to be our old stomping ground.

There's a Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Merlot to choose from and the
 gorgeous artwork on the bottles are by Australian artists Kevin Tran,
 Hollie MartinMark Whalen(kill pixie) and Beci Orpen.
 (worth clicking on the links these guys are great).

For every bottle sold 25c will be donated to FBI radio 94.5fm how cool is that!!!

It's great to see creative people supporting each other and with the music,art,design,film and photography world all benefiting from this idea I know I'll be buying Cake Wine again.

Novelty: Sivan-Tammuz

These Guys really do want to fight [to the death]. It seems that they are paskening Hashem into the equation; assuming he is fighting for Iran.

-Such is the nature of the Sitra Achra - seeking Emunah and Kiddush Hashem of the Jewish People, while causing Kedusha to fight until the [Revealed] End.

Iran is dedicated to annihilating Israel, the Islamic regime’s military chief of staff declared Sunday. “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause and that is the full annihilation of Israel,” Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi said in a speech to a defense gathering Sunday in Tehran. His remarks came on the day International Atomic Energy Agency director Yukiya Amano flew to Tehran to negotiate for inspections of Iran’s nuclear program. They were reported by the Fars News Agency, the media outlet of the Revolutionary Guards Corps. While many within the Islamic regime, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have often stated that Israel should be annihilated, until Sunday no one in the nation’s leadership has announced Iran’s determined intention to carry it out. Josh Block, a Middle East expert and former spokesman for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, told The Daily Caller that it’s unwise to shrug off the threats of a top Iranian military commander. “When they say it, they mean it,” Block said. “That is the lesson of history. We had best heed that reality. You can be sure the Israelis already understand it.” Block is a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute who worked in the Clinton administration’s State Department. He told TheDC that the U.S. should be concerned about “an Iran that could give nuclear technology to their terrorist allies, including those like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah.” In a statement, American Jewish Committee executive director David Harris said Firouzabadi’s comments “should also put to rest, once and for all, the fanciful views of those remaining political leaders, diplomats, and journalists who contend that Iran is a ‘peaceful’ nation which has simply been ‘misunderstood’ by the global community.” Meir Dagan, the former head of Israel’s Mossad, and U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, have both said recently that Iran is a rational actor in the international arena and that the Iranians will consider the implications of their actions. Block also told TheDC that “the radicals and pseudo-experts at places like Plowshares, Media Matters, NIAC [the National Iranian American Council], writers for ThinkProgress, the New America Foundation and on and on” are “useful idiots and regime apologists” for Iran who continue to believe irrationally that Iran does not have the capacity to build a nuclear weapon. They “are the same cranks,” he said, “who claim Iran has been ‘misquoted’ or ‘mistranslated’ and never called for the ‘annihilation’ of Israel. Well, I am sure they will find some way to continue their charade, but only to their further discredit.” On Sunday, Iranian Gen. Firouzabadi also pointed to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s emphasis on the necessity of supporting Palestinians who fight against the “Zionist regime” Israel. Khamenei considers defending Israel’s enemies a religious duty. The Fars News Agency quoted earlier statements by Khamenei that Iran was directly involved with helping Hezbollah and Hamas during Lebanon’s 33-day war in 2006 and the 22-day Gaza war of 2008-09, which he proclaimed were stinging defeats for Israel. “In the future too, we will support and help everyone who opposes the Zionist regime,” Khamenei said in February. “The Zionist regime is a real cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut, God willing.” The mullahs leading Iran’s Islamic regime believe in the messianic return of the 12th and last Islamic messiah, Imam Mahdi. According to Shiite belief, Mahdi will reappear at the time of Armageddon, and his coming — as the Iranian documentary “The Coming Is Upon Us” revealed – will be triggered by the destruction of Israel. In a recent statement, Grand Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, a religious authority and a top Iranian “Twelver Shia” — one who believes in the 12th Imam — addressed the future world described in the Quran. “The Quran is the proof that the world will be controlled and managed by the forces of truth and that there will be one government ruling everyone throughout the world,” he explained. The Quran promises — twice — the worldwide rule of Islam and its victory over all other religions, Sobhani said, and this will only happen when the last descendant of Muhammad, Imam Mahdi, returns and takes the rule of Islam across the world. Ayatollah Khamenei referred to this prophecy in a recent speech. “In light of the realization of the divine promise by almighty God,” he said, “the Zionists and the Great Satan [America] will soon be defeated. Allah’s promise will be delivered, and Islam will be victorious.” In February, conservative Muslims writing on a website tied to Khamenei told their followers that the Quran’s promises were “a ‘jurisprudential justification’ to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.”

I'm "Guessing" that the War could be in the month of Sivan. We are really starting the Tekufa of the Mayan Calendar now with the "Ring of Fire" that we just went through and now we are headed into the Venus Transit date.

Take a look at Timewave Zero (Novelty Theory):

If you look on the chart, the Month of Sivan is a complete decent into Novelty (low points) and the result/destination is the month of Tammuz, which looks to me to be a totally Novel Reality, as from then on, the rest of the Chart is pretty much level.

-SO it seems that Sivan will be a highly Novel Month.
Speculation could suggest the Iranian War could/would/should take place in Sivan; Tammuz would (hopefully) bring Total Novelty to the surface.